Switch off for Power to Be


David Bray of St Pius X parish in Withywood Bristol  writes: “Recently we switched off all power for one hour to be in solidarity with the poor and those who do not have access to safe electricity. We did this as part of the CAFOD Power to Be campaign.

Thinking about these poor, we prayed as we did so.  My lovely wife Marites, who had lived in Lambusan on the Philippines, told me she never had electricity in her home in Lambusan in Cebu Philippines until she was around 13. They cooked by burning wood by the light of a kerosene lamp.  Marites told me the dark was scary at times.  All this happened around 1976. She went on to tell me that even now they have only a dirty kitchen in which to cook whilst power cuts and water shortages are frequent.

However, Marites tells me her childhood was wonderful as her home was full of love and happiness even if they were poor compared to the western world.

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