CAFOD World Gifts: charity gifts to transform lives

World Gifts are CAFOD’s charity gift range of unusual, ethical presents that will delight your friends and family.

Our alternative gifts help transform the lives of poor communities and families in developing countries. 

Support World Gifts in your parish

Fundraise towards a big World Gift

Your parish can make a massive difference to a community overseas this year by fundraising towards a big World Gift.

1) Choose a gift as a fundraising target – you could bring clean water to a community, reach out to families with a mobile medical team or save an area of the Brazilian rainforest!

2) Fundraise through the year using our fundraising ideas and resources.

3) Buy your gift and receive your gift card and a poster to share with your parish!

Choose World Gifts for sacramental celebrations

Doug Lowe – CAFOD parish volunteer for St Teresa of Lisieux in Taunton, sent in this picture of their World Gifts display for advent – great work St Teresa’s!

World Gifts make wonderful gifts for WeddingsBaptismsHoly Communions and Confirmations.

Include our brothers and sisters overseas in your celebration with our Wedding favours or Baptism message poster.

We also have adaptable Confirmation resources to encourage young people to put their faith into action.

Hands On

Would you like the chance to support the men and women of one particular community? To stand with them as they undertake a project that will help transform their lives?

St John the Baptist parish in Trowbridge is encompassing this by being involved in the CAFOD programme which is changing in the New Year from being called ‘Connect 2’ to ‘Hands On’ – the picture shows their parish noticeboard which displays the country they currently support, but this will change in the New Year when they will begin supporting the CAFOD project in Colombia.

St John’s parish “Hands On” noticeboard

Hands On

Would you like the chance to support the men and women of one particular community and stand with them as they undertake a project that will help transform their lives?

Introducing our latest project: Hands On Magdalena Medio

Our latest Hands On project is in the Magdalena Medio region in Colombia, South America.

Sign up to Hands On Magdalena Medio, and over the next three years you will follow this community as they transform their lives, through peace building activities. You’ll receive regular project updates from Colombia, so you’ll always see how your regular gifts are making a difference.

The project will begin by running peace building workshops in 34 schools, teaching young people how to avoid a life of violence. They will be taught how to share all they have learnt with their families and neighbours. Together, with your help, we aim to reach 5,000 people in total.

How Hands On works

Our Hands On programme supports communities as they undertake a three year project, and lets you follow their progress. Your donations directly fund the work, and you’ll receive regular updates on how things are progressing. Because they will directly fund the work, your regular gifts are essential to make these projects a success.

If you’d like to support Hands On as a parish – sign up today – to get your welcome pack.

What next?

As soon as you get hands on you’ll receive a welcome folder with information about the people and the project.

Previous Hands On Successes

We have seen incredible success in BoliviaDoutchi, and Kitui. Which is all thanks to generous supporters who got hands on, supporting these communities through monthly donations, messages of encouragement and friendship, and the motivation to keep going.

The “Hands On Kitui” team

Project one: Hands On Kitui

Thanks to regular donations from generous supporters the people of Kitui in Kenya have achieved so much, including building 4 wells, check dams, planted more than 10,000 trees and more. 


Hands On Doutchi

Project two: Hands On Doutchi

Through Hands On, the people of Doutchi have learnt how to live, and grow food for their families in one of the driest areas on the edge of the Sahara.


Hands On Altiplano

Project three: Hands On Altiplano

Hands On Altiplano has helped farmers irrigate their dry fields, learn new farming techniques, and build protective greenhouses to grow a variety of crops. 


Hands on heart: our promise to you

1. Your Hands On donations will directly fund your chosen project

Every penny you donate will go into our Hands On Fund. Your chosen project will receive all the money it needs from the fund.

2. Your Hands On donations are flexible

If you are unable to continue supporting Hands On, you can change, pause, stop or restart your donations, just call us on 0303 303 3030.

3. When your project ends, you can get hands on somewhere else

After your chosen project is complete, we’ll introduce you to another project. And once again you’ll follow the work from start to completion.

4. You’ll always see the difference you are making

Over time the Hands On Fund will support many projects. But you’ll always be able to see how you are helping communities to build a secure and prosperous future.


Campaigning on Climate Change

Climate change affects our health, our homes, our heritage and our beautiful landscapes. It ruins the work we do to fight poverty and to lead better lives. We have made huge progress on it, but things are urgent now.
We need to work together to go further, faster to end climate change. Together we Catholics can turn the tide. We can treat our home with respect by leading the way, taking responsibility and forging new habits. We can call on politicians to go further and faster with emissions cuts.

Take Action

Take action on climate change and encourage your parish to do its bit today.

·         Campaign retreats

·         Global Healing film

·         Become a livesimply community

Pray for creation

Use these resources to pray for the climate and creation.

·         Prayer vigil for the care of creation (docx, 55kb)

·         A Christian prayer in union with creation (pdf, 78kb)

·         Call of Creation: words of inspiration (pdf, 23kb)