CAFOD parish volunteer and Area Coordinator Nora Maw, reports that on Sunday, 23 September, 9 parishioners from their Sacred Heart parish in Minehead set off after the 11.15 am Mass on a CAFOD Share the Journey walk to represent the parish in solidarity with all the refugees in the world who have had to leave their homes and in many cases, their countries of origin.

Pictured – Nora (second from left) and the group reach their destination with a smile – and sunshine!

After the persistent rain on the Saturday that weekend, the sun came out just in time for the walk and shone on the group all the way. Fr. Michael sent them off with a prayer and they walked to the harbour in Minehead and back. Deacon David Croucher said a concluding prayer before the kettle was put on for a cuppa!

 See here for ways your parish or school or group can be involved in fundraising for CAFOD.


Corpus Christi Harvest Fast Day – great result in Weston-Super-Mare


Corpus Christi parish in Weston-Super-Mare does brilliantly for CAFOD Harvest Fast Day

 Parishioners Alan and Linda Malone of Corpus Christi parish in Weston-Super-Mare wrote to thank all the parishioners there on behalf of CAFOD, parish volunteer Chris Davies outlines. The parish managed to raise for the Harvest Fast day collection £1105.92 of which £587.77 was Gift Aided.  The parish held an auction of harvest produce too, raising a further £75 bringing CAFOD a wonderful total. A special thanks went to the parish auctioneer and his trusty helper who collected the money, as well as many thanks to all who contributed or helped in any way.

Some of the gifts placed at the foor of the altar

A reminder for any of us; if you forgot your envelope last week, CAFOD is still receiving donations for Harvest Fast Day – .   Alternatively click this link.

Praying this Harvest

Rosie Heaton from CAFOD outlines CAFOD’s Harvest campaign, focusing on how your donations bring hope to some of the poorest communities in the world.


Water brings strength and hope in Uganda

For twenty-eight years, Longora has lived in the same rural community close to Moroto Town in Uganda. Every morning, she fetches water from the borehole to make porridge for herself and her family.  Longora cuts charcoal to sell to make her living, and lives in a round, straw hut with seven others, including her husband and their children.

Longora gets water from the new borehole

Before the borehole was built in her village, Longora would collect water from the river. While the river was near, it was unclean and carried diseases. Many people in Longora’s home suffered with frequent sickness because of drinking the contaminated river water.

For a while after the borehole was installed, the village were able to access to clean water easily. But when the borehole became faulty, this stopped.  Longora was pregnant and had no choice but to drink and cook with water from the river once again. Unsurprisingly she fell ill with eyesight problems and dietary issues.

It took a long time for Longora to recover and sometimes her joints still ache, but with the help of CAFOD partner Caritas Moroto she is now able to access clean water throughout the year. Caritas Moroto fixed the borehole and offered training to ensure that if it ever breaks again, the local community are now equipped with the skills needed to repair it.

The help provided by Caritas Moroto’s project, funded by CAFOD supporters in England and Wales, is making a huge difference to the lives of Longora and her family: “We are healthier and feel better. We can bathe, and because we have pit latrines, we no longer defecate in the river. The knowledge we have of making pit latrines was given to us by Caritas Moroto. We have embraced it and put it into practice.”

This Harvest, you can help by praying for Longora and our sisters and brothers across the world. By donating to CAFOD’s Harvest appeal, you can empower communities overseas to live with dignity and equip families with the skills they need to support each other.

To find out how you can support women like Longora this Harvest, please visit CAFOD’s Harvest appeal here.