St Benedict’s Parishioners undertake fantastic Share the Journey Walk

On Sunday the 12th of August 29 people from St Benedict’s parish including 6 monks braved the elements to take part in a CAFOD Share the Journey walk. This year Pope Francis has encouraged us all to ‘welcome our brother and sister migrants and refugees with arms wide open’ and to call on world leaders to do the same when they finalise two new global agreements at the United Nations: one on refugees and one on migration.

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Taunton Parishioner Doug Lowe shares CAFOD’s work with Churches Together in Mere, Wiltshire

St Therese parishioner Doug Lowe who has supported CAFOD for the past 25 years recently gave a CAFOD presentation about CAFOD’s work and Share the Journey. Doug who has managed CAFOD’s work at the Greenbelt Festival as one of his many volunteering roles for CAFOD, along with running many CAFOD events in and around Taunton, travelled to Mere for a Churches Together Annual General Meeting.

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Parishioners get creative to raise awareness for the Lent Appeal.

There have been lots of events going on across the Clifton diocese to raise money for the Lent campaign to ‘turn on the taps’ and provide clean and safe water across the world.

A collection in church is a simple and effective way to raise funds but often it is hard to convey all the information about the appeal in a way that is accessible to everyone.

I caught up with one parishioner, Margaret Evans, who has been a CAFOD volunteer for over 10 years to ask her how she raises awareness for the Lent appeal at the Holy Family in Swindon.

“We have been doing a collection for CAFOD over Lent, we did it last weekend and it is open for a few more weeks.

“We are very lucky as we have lots of boards in the church, but ours is a beautiful but modern church meaning there are benches on three sides. This means that the boards need to capture people attention where ever they are sitting so they can see it even if they cannot read it.

“So, I came up with the idea of the bold boards for Lent and Harvest. I have been making them for over 10 years and many people comment on them. The idea is to get the message across, in addition to giving a talk and when you take a collection it is reflective of the board.”


“I have been involved in CAFOD for 11 years and was one of Clifton diocese first school volunteers. We have always had good training and leadership – I really appreciate the refresher days and the great resources.

“It really is such a wonderful organisation and I am really proud to be part of it!”

CAFOD Clifton is actively appealing for more school Volunteers – for more details please go to SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS

Donate now to the Lent Appeal.