Corpus Christi Harvest Festival

Recently Corpus Christi parish in Weston-Super-Mare  held their customary display of sumptuous produce on the altar for Harvest Fast Day.

This gave thanks and praise to God for His bounty.  The produce was then auctioned for the CAFOD Harvest Fast Day Appeal so that those less fortunate might benefit. Parishioner Alan Malone did his usual brilliant job of auctioneer, parting people from their money and the auction raised £130 (more than last year’s record £120.) To date the donation total is £973.60 of which £192.99 is Gift Aided. 

CAFOD money boxes were also utilised in fundraising by the parish for Harvest Fast Day – one contained nearly £60!



7th October and 8th October 2017 – Holy Family Catholic Church, Southsea Rd, Patchway, Bristol

Parishioner from Holy Family Patchway, and CAFOD volunteer Andy Buckley gave a short talk about the Harvest Fast Day CAFOD appeal along with promoting the CAFOD strategy of Regular single donations.

The CAFOD Clifton Roadshow, due to be held at Holy Family on 18th November was also promoted.

Find out how your parish or school can be involved with CAFOD and some great fundraising ideas here.


    Holy Family, Patchway

Harvest Fast Day

The very first Family Fast Day was held 57 years ago, on Friday 11 March 1960, when volunteer members of the National Board of Catholic Women raised funds for a Dominica mother and baby clinic.


selected seeds ready for planting

This year’s Harvest Fast Day is on Friday 6 October, and focuses on the work our partners are doing in El Salvador. Use our Fast Day resources to let everyone in your parish know it is Harvest Fast Day, and invite them to get involved through fundraising and praying.

Edelmira and Martir are farmers in El Salvador. As they live on and depend on their land, the harvest they reap is vital if they are to have food to put on the table, and have enough left over to sell. The money they earn from this harvest is then used to buy clothes, medicine and other essential items.

CAFOD, working in partnership with Solidaridad CVX, work with farmers like Edelmira and Martir to provide training and reintroduce native seeds used generations ago. These indigenous seeds are strong and fertile having evolved in this region over millennia to be able to grow well in the warm, rainy climate, This ensures that the farmers will be able to harvest crops, and become confident that they will provide their families both with food and a modest income.


To enable our partners to work with more farmers like Edelmira and Martir, across the world, please do use the CAFOD resources and invite your parish to get involved this Harvest Fast Day.