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Climate change affects our health, our homes and our beautiful landscapes. It ruins the work we do to fight poverty and to lead better lives.

To avoid the worst effects of climate change, we must limit any future global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C. Achievement of this aim, whilst beneficial, will serve merely to stabilise the situation. However, a temperature increase of more than 1.5°C warming could multiply hunger, migration and conflict.

The UK government has announced that it will pass legislation to ensure a net zero emissions target by 2050. If this aim is to become reality we now must have ambitious and urgent policies quickly in place

We need to work together to go further, faster to end climate change. Together we can turn the tide.

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World Gifts
World Gifts are CAFOD’s alternative charity gifts that transform lives and support communities to break free from poverty.


These virtual gifts are great presents for friends, family, teachers – and most importantly, make a very real difference to families around the world.

World Gifts have already helped over 5,000 children to attend literacy classes – opening doors to education and work and has brought 100,000 animals to families – helping to create countless small businesses.

See here to learn more about World Gifts

Light a candle for a loved one this November


During November, the month of remembrance, we take time to pray for those who have died and give thanks for loved ones who have made a deep and lasting impression on our lives.

During this special time, we hold Memorial Masses across England and Wales in honour of supporters and loved ones who have died.

At each Mass, we present a Book of Remembrance which includes names of supporters who have sadly passed away during the year.

These Masses create a special time to come together and to reflect on the lasting impact our loved ones have had on the world.

A Candlelight Fund is a special fund set up in memory of a loved one who has died, combining any donations made in their memory.

Just as we light a candle for a loved one who’s passed away, creating a Candlelight Fund in their name is a special way to remember them.

Candle light Fund

Candlelight funds celebrate a life and touch thousands more.

If you would like to set up a lasting tribute to a loved one, or for more information on how to fundraise in their memory, please email Roisin at candlelight@cafod.org.uk or call her on 020 7095 5348 for a chat.


Local parish places brilliant CAFOD piece on their parish website

Local CAFOD parish volunteer Phil Millington placed the following post on the parish website for his parish, the Clifton Cathedral Church of Ss Peter and Paul to update parishioners about CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day appeal:

CAFOD campaigns seek to achieve lasting change to bring about real empowering benefits for the world’s poorest people. Around the world, 1 in 10 (785 million) people don’t have clean water close to home.
Every minute a newborn child dies from infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment (Over 500,000 each year)
Diarrhoea caused by dirty water and poor toilets kills a child under 5 every 2 minutes(over 250,000 a year)
Around the world up to 443 million school days are lost every year because of water-related illnesses.
Those living without this everyday essential do not have an equal chance to be healthy, educated and financially secure.
Open sources of water usually aren’t safe. They’re often shared with animals, and contaminated. Drinking dirty water exposes people to traces of faeces and harmful bacteria. It puts people at risk of deadly diseases like cholera, dengue and diarrhoea.

Collecting water every day leaves children little time for school, and drinking dirty water often makes them too ill to attend.

dirty water 2


Clean water allows people to focus on earning an income instead of collecting dirty water which can make them or their family fall sick. 

Fabiano’s Story

Fabiano is 14 years old, he lives in a village in Karamoja, Uganda (where there is no gas or electricity). The region has been left out of reach and denied help and support for many years. 60% of the region’s population live in “absolute poverty”. This means being without some of the basic needs we need to survive – clean drinking water, a safe place to sleep and toilets. The Karimajong – the people who live in Karamoja – have been marginalised and misunderstood for many years.  

CAFOD works in Karamoja with teams of experts in water, health, hygiene, sanitation, farming and gender

Can you help bring water closer to the Karimajong by supporting CAFOD – local experts give CAFOD the unique ability to reach people like Fabiano and provide them with safe, clean drinking water just minutes from their homes..

£99 can provide essential training on water technology, hygiene and sanitation

£105 can provide essential maintenance for a community’s solar pump

£2100can buy a solar pump supplying clean water to a while community

Nobody should be Attacked getting Water to Drink

14-year-old Fabiano is clever and kind and dreams of becoming a doctor. Every morning, he used to wake before sunrise and walk three miles in the dark to collect water for his mum.  He would get home, eat a meagre breakfast, and go straight to school. Although often tired and hungry, Fabiano studied hard.

Capture FAbiano