CAFOD London Lobby on Climate Change a Great Success!

What an amazing day we all had on Wednesday 26th in London when a group of us from CAFOD Clifton travelled to London to lobby our MPS on Climate Change.

London Lobby - Caroline -2

: CAFOD Volunteer Caroline Lane was enthusiastic and sprightly.

The commitment, passion and sincerity – as well as many happy faces! – of the CAFOD Clifton volunteers was fantastic, in relation to an issue that is not just incredibly urgent due to what is happening to our planet, but as with all the issues CAFOD is a part of, the effect it is having on our poorest brothers and sisters around the world.

London Lobby - Caroline -1

: CAFOD Volunteer Caroline Lane was always very cheerful in her participation of the CAFOD Lobby to Parliament recently – thanks Caroline!

A quick summation of  some of the facts and figures from the London Lobby; over 300 MPs met with their constituents on the day, there were around 12,000 people there – and we found out  some fun facts about each other, especially when we were playing icebreaker games on the coach on the way to London!!

The key question from everyone at the end of the day, was what to do next. CAFOD is suggesting running a Creation Celebration mass in your parish. See here for all the info on running one, and /or contact Liz Baldwin, CAFOD Clifton Community Participation Coordinator:

Again, thanks to everyone so much – a fantastically successful day!

Show the love for Volunteers Week!

Show the love for Volunteers Week by twittering a tweet using the twitter handle #volunteersweekas during the week of June 1 – 7. During this week CAFOD is inviting everyone to take a photo/video of themselves with this speech bubble and tweet/facebook a message of thanks to volunteers. An example of how this can be done is shown below.

Followings is also an example of how you could write a piece for us here at CAFOD Clifton, about your volunteering:  On 17th October, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, CAFOD organised a Parliamentary lobby to speak up for the UK’s crucial role tackling poverty around the world. The event was focussed on constituencies where there are either new MPs, or MPs who especially need to hear their constituents’ support for UK government spending on aid. The Constituency of Bath (MP, Wera Hobhouse: Lib Dem) was one, and the constituency for Chippenham, (MP Michelle Donelan: Conservative) was another.
In the morning there were arranged activities and speakers, together with a wide range of constituents sharing their reasons why they care about development and support public spending on aid, all getting prepared to meet individual MP’s later in the afternoon. Help and support was provided for those who had not met their MP before.

She confirmed the government’s commitment to maintain the 0.7% of our GDP for the life of this Parliament. I invited her to meet the Syrian Refugees and their families at St. Patrick’s Church Hall where we teach them English, with the intention of giving her the opportunity to value the UK contribution and to appreciate and come to understand the experiences of the refugees.
It was also a good opportunity to ensure she knows and supports the work of CAFOD. Our centre is only 50 yards from her constituency office. I have been asked to drop possible dates and times at her office which I did. I also spoke with Jeremy Corbyn at Portcullis House where other CAFOD and other aid agency volunteers were meeting their MPs. He was happy to support our efforts and be photographed with the volunteers.

Show the love for Volunteers Week by twittering a tweet using the twitter handle #volunteersweek as during the week of June 1 – 7.

Climate Change is a Crisis!


CAFOD is calling on the UK government to be more ambitious with climate action – we need our leaders to set a ‘net-zero’ emissions target before 2045, meaning that the emissions we put into the atmosphere are no greater than the ones we remove.

Thus, CAFOD is asking parishes to hold a Creation Celebration during the summer, which is a mass, followed by food and conversation, and a petition to show your group’s support. This is a fantastic way of getting the message out to everyone of how important the problem of Climate Change really is. To help with this, CAFOD is inviting you to a modelling mass of how to run this kind of mass, at St Pius X parish, Bristol South this May 12th, at the parish’s 10.30am mass.

The modelling mass is to inspire and demonstrate how easily this can be held in your parish anytime between now and October.

CAFOD Clifton Creation Celebration Modelling Mass – 10.30am Sunday May 12th at St Pius parish, Gatehouse Avenue, Bristol BS13 9AB  

         This is the 10.30am Mass at St Pius X followed by some food, drink and conversation
         Liz from the CAFOD office in Bristol  and Olive Barnes the CAFOD volunteer campaigns volunteers co-ordinator are organising this mass, as a way to demonstrate how to run the same mass in your own parish
         A Climate Change scientist, Doug Barnes will be speaking at the mass about what exactly Climate Change is, and how we can be involved in stopping it
         Liz and the others will have information for people to discuss after the Mass
         See here for the Organisers’ Guide , including a poster to promote a mass in your parish
         CAFOD has also created a Grace Dice to continue the climate conversations at home – a great one for families too
–    The political action is a petition which can be done after Mass or during the Creation Celebration – or simply on its own
     –     the Creation Celebration masses can be held at any time in the year, but the more petitions CAFOD can get by the end of October the better
     –     there is also a fantastic new campaign film created by young adults from around the world
     –     For more information on net zero, there is a  factsheet