Special Mass offered for refugees of the world

At a recent Mass at St John the Evangelist Church in Bath, Canon David Ryan ​​reflected on how Pope Francis was made aware of the plight and suffering of refugees when he was invited to the island of Lampedusa by the parish priest there.


Canon David Ryan with the Lampadusa Cross

A special Mass was offered for refugees of the world in the presence of the Lampedusa Cross recently at the Church in Bath. Linking the gospel of the blind man cured by Jesus Christ in his homily, Parish Priest, Canon David Ryan ​​reflected on how Pope Francis was made aware of the plight and suffering of refugees when he was invited to the island of Lampedusa by the parish priest.

Altar servers with the Lampedusa Cross, with Canon David Ryan looking on.

Coffee and Raffle Morning at English Martyrs, Tuffley

This raised £150  for CAFOD


The Power to Be campaign was introduced during the morning,

Lots of raffle prizes!

Coffee and biscuits all round!

CAFOD’s briefing on the General Election was also passed on to everyone present.

Local Area Coordinator Mike Honan said it was a great event, with brilliant participation by everyone involved. Well done English Martyrs!

Somerset Campaigners meet with MPs to ‘speak up’ about Climate Change

A Taunton man has lobbied his MP as part of a national action to raise awareness of climate issues in parliament.  Doug Lowe from Taunton, who is a volunteer campaigner with CAFOD, met his local MP Rebecca Pow to speak about climate issues important to his local area, and about issues that would affect communities around the world.  

Doug said: “I had a very good meeting with Rebecca Pow; she did not know much about CAFOD so I gave her some information about what CAFOD does.” 

Doug Lowe with Rebecca Pow, Conservative PPC for Taunton

During Valentine’s week, people across the country met with their MPs, wearing green hearts as part of a Climate Coalition campaign to raise awareness of the things we face to lose to climate change. Doug shared with his MP a factsheet on renewable energy – which can be used to tackle help climate change – and ‘turn me off’ stickers to be placed on electrical appliances to remind people to save energy.  “She was very happy to wear a handmade green heart that I gave her, and I am hoping she might put the energy stickers around the office and at home, which I also pointed out to her,” continued Doug

The Climate Coalition is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the people, places and life we love at home in the UK and around the world, including the world’s poorest countries. Together with Stop Climate Chaos in both Wales and Scotland it combines over 15 million people from all parts of the UK.

Big things are happening this summer too; people in all corners of the country are preparing to Speak Up on climate and energy to their newly elected MPs from 1-9 July. This is your opportunity to make sure that the concerns of the world’s poorest people are one of the first things on your MP’s agenda, just a few weeks after they have been elected.

CAFOD is inviting people to organise or attend an event during this week in July and to invite your newly elected MP to attend. From nature walks to tea parties to a picnic after Mass, there are no limits to how you can get those first conversations about energy started. See here how you can be involved in this important work.