‘Power to Be’ brings enthusiasm for Young People at St Augustine’s parish in Gloucester

The young people had a great session with the CAFOD Power to Be resources.

At the end of Mass the following day, all the children lined up and told the congregation what they want to be when they grow up.  We had some interesting responses – from doctor, singer/songwriter, demolition technician and ‘planet’.

Three older children then gave a presentation on the campaign.  As people left the church they were given a sticker and a leaflet.

St Augustine's Power to Be

The children made a display placed in front of the altar during Mass

We used a notice board at the back of church to display the Power to Be poster with pictures of different occupations.

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One World Week –Cafod holds staff at Mere Fair

The ethos of the One World Week is “Working together for a just, peaceful and sustainable world, and to share understanding about global issues that affect us all, and to recognise we can all make a difference”. 

CAFOD table at Mere Fair IMG_0604
Teresa Harris and her daughter-in-law

CAFOD volunteer Teresa Harris and her daughter in law Jane attended the fair for CAFOD, selling some of their own home-made goods as part of the stall to raise money for CAFOD, as well as providing information and updates about about CAFOD to visitors to the Fair.

A Fair is held every year during One World Week with various stalls of groups supporting the aims of One World Week as part of our commitment to World Issues, different charities being represented.

Teresa Harris at CAFOD table IMG_0606

A fine spread for CAFOD

This year it was held in Mere on 21st October from 11a.m.-3p.m. Delicious lunches were served and with musical entertainment to be heard during the Fair.

Not only was it fund-raiser for the groups which took a stall, but a great learning experience for all taking part! These are free and there are usually around 15 stalls from various local, national and international charities. Groups are varied, ranging from the shared interest group to fund raising groups ranging from Christian Aid, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, VSO and, of Course, CAFOD!

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Harvest lunch at St Augustine’s, Matson

A Harvest lunch at St Augustine’s, Matson, was held on the 8th October, after the 11 am Mass. Thanks to the selling of tickets 3 weeks in advance the support from parishioners was amazing with 58 people coming to lunch!

St Augustine IMG_20171008_134759778

Harvest Lunch at St Augustine’s

The parish served homemade soup and rolls, baked potatoes, a selection of cold meats, quiches and salad. This was followed by desserts, which were donated by parishioners, with tea/coffee to finish.  Not only was this a very enjoyable social event but it raised £401.00 for CAFOD.

St Augustine IMG_20171008_134721230

Find out more about the work of CAFOD here, as well as ways your parish or school can become involved in the work of CAFOD.