About CAFOD Clifton

From our base in Bristol we work with CAFOD’s supporters and volunteers around the diocese of Clifton helping them to tackle global poverty and injustice by fundraising, campaigning and praying.

To contact us email clifton@cafod.org.uk or call 0117 9428 328.

Here is our page on the CAFOD site.

Meet CAFOD Clifton Community Participation Coordinator (CPC) – Liz Baldwin



With sixteen years significant experience and achievements in international development and programmes, Liz Baldwin, the new Community Participation Co-ordinator at the Clifton CAFOD Volunteer Centre, is particularly enthusiastic about working for CAFOD again. Liz worked for the sister organisation of CAFOD – Caritas – in New Zealand. This along with her time as Programme Manager for Asia for Volunteer Service Abroad, holds her in good stead in undertaking the role for CAFOD here in Clifton. 

Liz has a deep passion for, and a professional commitment to aid and development and social justice work. Coupled with this, she has a strong belief system and is particularly enthused to be utilising this by working for the Church again. Being involved with CAFOD and its ability as part of the Caritas Internationalis group to engage in genuine development, as well as emergency relief through its international reach with its local partners around the world, is something Liz is very happy to be involved with. And, being able to engage in aspects of the Catholic faith which are intrinsic in development work that CAFOD and its Caritas Internationalis agencies conduct – i.e., based on the tenants of Catholic Social Teaching – is an opportunity Liz is thrilled to part of again.

Liz has also outlined her enthusiasm for the way CAFOD’s work involves many volunteers. There are currently many roles volunteers undertake with CAFOD – from stewarding at events, speaking at mass, working at CAFOD Volunteer Centres to starting their own parish teams or lobbying MPs. She is very interested to hear from anyone wanting to volunteer in any of these ways; she enthuses for people to ‘get in touch’.

Volunteer with us!

Come and join the CAFOD team, and get directly involved in helping bring poverty to an end. If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, get in touch with CAFOD Clifton on 0117 9428 328 or clifton@cafod.org.uk

Volunteer in your parish

Working in partnership with the parish priest, parish volunteers help to increase awareness of CAFOD’s work and help more people to get involved by giving, acting, and praying with CAFOD. This can include organising Fast Day talks, collections, and other events, taking the lead on parish programmes like Connect2, and ensuring that CAFOD’s work is held in prayer in the community.

Find out more about volunteering in your parish

Work with children and young people

From an early age, children and young people have a keen sense of justice. CAFOD’s education volunteers help inspire and empower young people to act for change by leading assemblies and workshops in schools, youth groups and confirmation classes.

Find out more about volunteering to work with young people

Speak up for CAFOD

Speakers lend their voices and experience to telling others about the great work CAFOD is doing to bring an end to poverty and injustice. Volunteer speakers are always needed to speak at Masses for CAFOD’s Fast Day appeals.

Find out more about being a speaker for CAFOD

Help with office administration

Administrative volunteers are often based in a volunteer centre in their area and work closely with other volunteers and staff. Responsibilities for this volunteer role may include data entry, handling correspondence via email and telephone, and collaborating with volunteer coordinators to help administer certain areas of CAFOD’s work in the area.

Find out more about becoming and admin volunteer

Communications volunteer

Communications volunteers gather and coordinate photos and stories of parish communities, schools, volunteers, and more in their area. Working with CAFOD’s media team, they will then produce press releases for the local newspapers and local radio, as well as sharing the stories on CAFOD’s local blogs and social media channels.

Find out more about becoming a communications volunteer

Get to know your MP

By becoming a CAFOD MP Correspondent (MPC), you can help to ensure that the voices of many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are heard in the corridors of power. Through letters and meetings with MPs, CAFOD supporters have already helped secure tough laws to tackle climate change, and ensure the UK are world-leading in their overseas aid contribution.

Find out more about being an MP correspondent

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