Light a candle for a loved one this November


During November, the month of remembrance, we take time to pray for those who have died and give thanks for loved ones who have made a deep and lasting impression on our lives.

During this special time, we hold Memorial Masses across England and Wales in honour of supporters and loved ones who have died.

At each Mass, we present a Book of Remembrance which includes names of supporters who have sadly passed away during the year.

These Masses create a special time to come together and to reflect on the lasting impact our loved ones have had on the world.

A Candlelight Fund is a special fund set up in memory of a loved one who has died, combining any donations made in their memory.

Just as we light a candle for a loved one who’s passed away, creating a Candlelight Fund in their name is a special way to remember them.

Candle light Fund

Candlelight funds celebrate a life and touch thousands more.

If you would like to set up a lasting tribute to a loved one, or for more information on how to fundraise in their memory, please email Roisin at or call her on 020 7095 5348 for a chat.


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