St Bonaventure’s parish holds lovely Creation Celebration Masses and Meal

Parishioners at St Bonaventure’s parish in Bristol held not one, but two CAFOD Creation Celebration Masses recently. This was part of the campaign with CAFOD – Our Common Home – to raise awareness of the crisis of Climate Change.

The masses involved creation-themed masses as part of the regular masses in the morning and evening, with the morning mass hosting tea and coffee afterwards, and the evening mass followed by a shared meal. Both masses also had excellent discussions following the refreshments, guided by the questions provided in the CAFOD ‘Organisers Guide’.

The evening event also included one of the CAFOD short videos on the Climate Crisis, and why it is so essential we are all engaging with the this critical campaign. The excellent CAFOD team and parish priest Fr Tom Smith brilliantly organised the two events, including announcing it the parish bulletin, Fr Tom giving great homilies on the theme in correlation with the week’s gospel, some lovely prayers of intercession being shared during the masses, and gorgeous food provided at the meal!

The evening mass followed by a shared meal.

The evening mass followed by a shared meal.

After both masses, many parishioners signed the petition to the UK Government, calling on politicians to act on their promises to achieve zero emissions.


After mass we all had a meal together

After mass we all had a meal together

The Petition to the government states:
The transition to net zero must start now. Achieving net zero emissions will limit the worst effects of climate change on our health, homes and communities and people living in poverty around the world.


Prime Minister, will you act quickly to ensure:

  • All government departments urgently bring forward policies to achieve net zero emissions. And go further, faster to achieve net zero emissions honestly, transparently and without caveats by 2045.
  • UK investment overseas and at home is consistent with keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees. This should include stopping all new public support for fossil fuels overseas.  
  • The UK shows leadership by connecting the crises of poverty, environmental degradation and climate change, and makes concrete commitments to combat them at key international events



See here to find out how you can host a CAFOD Creation Celebration mass or event at your parish or school; there’s still loads of time as we have until the end of the year – thank you so much for helping to save our planet! volunteers



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