St Augustine’s Parish in Downend, Bristol hold lovely Creation Celebration Mass

The CAFOD group at the parish of St Augustine of Canterbury recently held a very successful CAFOD Creation Celebration Mass. CAFOD parish volunteer Bella Harding explains in her report after the event:



Let us start the Season of Creation!

On the Sunday, Father Frank gave real importance to the Creation Mass, he reminded us in Mass of the start of the Season of Creation, and several times of how much we need to appreciate the beauty and fruitfulness of creation all round us. We had a Creation Prayer in the Bidding prayers and Bella was invited to speak briefly at the end. .


Waiting to hear about the wildflower meadow


We had set up the parish hall, and Bella issued the invitation, giving out calendars. The parish hall was full of people who came, who took the Grace Dice and prayer cards, looked at the displays, bought LED lights, and took the growing projects home to grow cress now.

  We had some very good conversations, and the Guide leader was interested in getting the Guides involved, so Bella offered to talk to them, and suggested the development of the wildflower meadow by the corner of the car park as the Guide Leader has access to expert gardening, and also that they might like to take part in the ‘world I want to see’ competition, which would have prizes like tickets to the Eden Project, or Bristol Veg Boxes. This would be launched at the final Mass for Creation.

 We felt this was a very successful launch for the Season of Creation. The next steps are to keep going with all our pledges, and to prepare for a really good celebration of Harvest and CAFOD Family Fast Day on the last Creation Mass on October 6th. We will plan this at the next meeting on Friday 4th October”.

 Catholics like Bella and her group all across England and Wales are busy organising Creation Celebrations as part of CAFOD’s ‘Our Common Home’ campaign – you and your parish or school or group could too!

A Creation Celebration is really easy to organise, involves a creation-themed mass, and is followed by a shared meal and a continued conversation on climate change. Sounds tricky? We’ve got some tips to get you started – see here for details

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