No One Beyond Reach: CAFOD Clifton Volunteers travel to London to meet CAFOD New Director


Mary Moore, Irene Prentice, Somui Cheung, Hilary Farey, with Liz Baldwin Representing Clifton Diocese.

For the first time in a while, CAFOD held two national gatherings for CAFOD volunteers in June this year.

 A group of CAFOD Clifton volunteers travelled to London for this, giving them the chance to meet and hear from CAFOD’s new director, Christine Allen.

 The volunteers also had the change to chat to some of CAFOD’s Trustees and Central Leadership Team, as well as exploring the mission of CAFOD.

 Part of the day was for attendees to hypothetically assess differing CAFOD projects they would support, if they were in the programmes department. This was a challenging exercise, but one that experientially allowed people to have an understanding of the challenges CAFOD faces when discerning projects to support.

 The gathering was held in the Westminster Catholic Cathedral Hall in London, with many volunteers from around the country attending.








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