Lent Family Fast Day Appeal



St josephs school portishead-CAFOD LENT RAFFLE.jpg

This Lent, everyone at St Joseph’s School in Portishead are doing their bit for the CAFOD Family Fast Day appeal this Friday, February 23rd. The school is having a raffle every Friday of Lent to raise funds for the Fast Day.

Fona in Zimbabwe is worried about her son Pardon (right). He is two years old and is showing signs of malnutrition.

This Lent your donations to our Family Fast Day Appeal will be matched by the UK Government. This means that your donations will be doubled, up to a total of £5 million. So you can transform twice the number of lives. You can give twice the number of children the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong.

Two-year-old Pardon is hungry and it’s making him unwell

Fiona passes a handful of maize to each of her children, then sits down beside her husband to eat her own small portion. She knows there is nothing for dinner.

“My children won’t play because they’re too hungry.”

Fiona, Zimbabwe

While Fiona’s clothes hang loosely on her body, her two-year-old son Pardon has a swollen stomach – a worrying sign of severe malnutrition.

Fiona knows that without more food, Pardon is at risk of falling seriously ill. The lack of food means simple infections are much harder for Pardon to fight off.

She says: “I feel very weak eating this little food, and my children won’t play because they’re too hungry. I compare my children to others who are the same age. My boys are shorter and thinner. I know something’s wrong.”

You can help. Donate to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal

This Lent, if you donate to CAFOD’s Lent Appeal, your gift will be matched by the UK Government. This will fund an ambitious new project to combat malnutrition and hunger.

Fiona and her family will get seeds, tools and training to grow vegetables. Please give what you can, so Fiona can feed her children.

Donate to the Lent Appeal

Fiona has reached crisis point and doesn’t know where to turn.

Her husband Peter does manual labour to earn money, but it’s not enough. Some days are desperate: “The first thing I think about when I wake up is my family. ‘Where should I go to help my family survive?’ Sometimes I get an answer. But sometimes there are no answers anywhere.”

You are the answer. Can you help Fiona and Peter this Lent?

Help provide food and more

This Lent, your donation will be doubled by the UK Government so you can make double the difference.

Peanut seeds £6


£6 + match funding = £12. This can provide seeds to grow peanuts and make nutritious peanut butter.

Donate £6

Veg garden £28

veg garden

£28 + match funding = £56. This can buy all the seeds needed for a family to plant a garden full of vegetables.

Donate £28

Health workers £97

health workers

£97 + match funding = £194. This can teach two health workers and new mums how to spot malnutrition in children.

Donate £97

Donate another amount


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