Taunton Parishes work with Refugees

Parishioners from St Teresa of Lisieux and St Georges and others involved in helping new Refugees in Taunton, gathered recently for a celebration with the new Refugees.

Two new Refugee families from Frome and four from Taunton, along with those involved in helping them to re-settle here, gathered together to celebrate their arrival and their progress since moving here.


One of the new Refugee families with the CAFOD Banner of Hope

Doug Lowe, CAFOD volunteer from St Teresas, explained to attendees of the event about the CAFOD Banner of Hope, the works that CAFOD are doing and where  most of the Refugee message of hope cards had gone to. Doug also gave cards in Arabic to Oria Dunn who works for Somerset County Council and is in charge of the refugee program for Somerset, to give to the next five families who will be coming in the next few months to Frome and Bridgewater .

Local Taunton children teach new Refugee children how to line dance!

Local Taunton children teach new Refugee children how to line dance!

The Message of Hope banner has now gone into West Monkton CoE school in Taunton where three of the refugee children attend. Doug is giving the school the CAFOD Side by Side magazine and information about the Don’t Lose What You Love to Climate Change campaign as they learn more about the work of CAFOD, along with the ways they can help those Refugees settling into the area locally.

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