Inspirational Sister from Zambia to visit Clifton diocese

Sr Yvonne

Sr Yvonne Mwalula Mwila works with her colleagues in the Congregation of the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary to transform communities in Zambia.

A wonderful opportunity has arisen to meet and hear from Sister Yvonne from Zambia who has come to the UK in order to speak about her transformative work helping some of Southern Africa’s poorest people. Sr Yvonne will be sharing the inspiring story of her work on livelihoods and how she is supporting some of the most vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change.

On Tuesday 14 February, Sr Yvonne will be speaking at The Presbytery, St. Bonaventure’s Parish, Egerton Road, Bristol  BS7 8HP from 7pm until 8.30pm.

Sr Yvonne is currently working with small-scale farmers, helping them to grow crops that are resistant to drought. Traditional maize farming in Southern Africa is susceptible to climate change and so CAFOD partners in the region have been working to help communities diversify their agriculture, in order to adapt to this.


Florence from Zambia, who has been helped by Sr Yvonne and her colleagues.

Sr Yvonne will be sharing the story of Florence from Zambia who, has been able to launch a thriving fish farming business, all thanks to sister Yvonne and CAFOD’s supporters in England and Wales.

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