Gabriella walks to raise over £100 for CAFOD

G Toley

Gabriella and her friends enjoyed a refreshing 4.5 mile walk, all while raising money for CAFOD’s vital work.

A few weeks ago, Gabriella Tolley got together with some friends in order to do a sponsored walk which has raised over £100 for CAFOD. Gabriella and her friends walked from Pill to College Green in Bristol.

CAFOD has a whole host of fundraising ideas available for you to look at.

Gabriella said: “We chose CAFOD as we believe in what CAFOD wants to achieve. It’s an incredibly rewarding and successful charity.”

Elizabeth Baldwin, who represents CAFOD in the diocese of Cliton said: “It was wonderful to see a group of young people getting out and about to support our work. Fundraisers like Gabriella mean that we are able to support our partners across the globe to fight poverty and injustice.”

To find our more about CAFOD and fundraising, go to our fundraising page.


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