Woodchester Priory CAFOD group gets inspired by the Great British Bake Off

Parishioners' bake sale.

Parishioners took some inspiration from Paul and Mary and have been baking in order to raise money for CAFOD.

On Sunday 16 a group of parishioners from the Church of the Ennunciation, Inchbrook, decided to get baking in order to raise money for CAFOD.

Read more about fundraising with CAFOD.

Parishioners from the Woodchester Prior raised £146 by baking and selling cakes to the community. The money will be donated to CAFOD and it will go to places such as the Bolivian Altiplano, where CAFOD is working with partners to purchase greenhouses, wormeries and irrigation systems for farmers in the region.

In the Altiplano region, nearly 60% of the rural population are living below the poverty line. Unpredictable rains and frequent hailstorms are destroying the crops which the communities rely on.

CAFOD gets ‘hands on.’

The charity’s partners are working to provide greenhouses to protect crops and train communities with new farming techniques to help them grow enough crops to feed their families. The pupils’ fundraising will enable CAFOD’s partners to continue working with communities like those in Bolivia.

CAFOD’s representative for the area, Elizabeth Baldwin, said:

“We’d like to say a huge thanks to the CAFOD group at Woodchester Priory and all of the generous members of the community that got involved with the bake sale. Their donations will have a real impact on communities across the globe.”

“Throughout the world there are communities who struggle to produce food to feed themselves. With Harvest just gone and Christmas just around the corner, it is a time of abundance for us so it is important that we remember those living in poverty at this time.”

Bring reflections on global justice and poverty into your worship activities, with our prayers, liturgies and reflections.

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