CAFOD young leaders in Bristol recognised by Bishop Declan Lang

group.jpgOver 50 CAFOD young leaders from schools and colleges in and around Bristol were awarded certificates by Bishop Declan at a special awards ceremony at M-Shed last week.

The programme, run alongside CAFOD began in October and saw many students taking part. The students were praised by Bishop Declan  for their acts of solidarity with refugees and their efforts in raising awareness of the refugee crisis as well as climate change.

CAFOD Young Volunteers and Leaders June 2016 -  (74)

Elizabeth Baldwin presenting Bishop Declan with the Cross 

After the awards had been presented, the student took a moment to reflect on the Lampadusa Cross and wrote messages to show their solidarity to refugees. Then, Bishop Declan was presented the cross by Elizabeth Baldwin for CAFOD.

The cross will now be displayed in the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul. All those attending wrote messages of hope to refugees.

Download our resources to organise your own Lampedusa Pilgrimage 

CAFOD representative in Bristol, Elizabeth Baldwin, who spoke at the ceremony,  said:

“I felt proud of the young people and their heartfelt actions to help others. It was a privilege to speak to them about the Lampedusa Cross; increasingly we are witnessing families and communities being pulled apart, with many risking and losing their lives in a bid to reach safety in Europe.

“Our Catholic faith calls us to act. Yet, such is the scale of the problem, it can be hard to know how we can best help.”

“The sincerity and dedication that the students showed in the messages of hope they all wrote, and for all their work on raising awareness of climate change is an inspiration.”

Find out more about the Lampedusa Cross



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