“Create something that would help solve a world problem”


Entries for the DT competition 

Sometimes it is difficult to get young pupils engaged when learning about the environment and global problems. One school in Bradley Stoke had a great way of getting their pupils involved in learning about international problems and got them to think of creative ideas of how to solve the problems.

St Mary’s Catholic Primary school in Bradley Stoke, Gloucestershire, recently held an interesting competition to create something that would help solve a world problem. The pupils thought of some wonderful inventions and learnt more about what CAFOD does and how they can help.

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We got to speak to Ms Burdge, who is the Art and Design Technology Coordinator for the school. It was her idea to create the competition and she tells us about her inspiration and the entries, she said:

“Before the Easter holidays we set a competition to design and make an invention out of junk, that would help solve a world problem. We suggested they looked at the CAFOD website to find out what problems people are having to deal with in our world and they came back in with lots of great ideas.

“The competition was offered to the whole school from Reception to Year 6, we had two entries from reception and Key Stage 1 and the rest were from Key Stage 2.

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“We had a variety of water filters and systems, a robot that would carry and collect water so children could go to school. One pupil created a refugee transporter which would transport people quickly and safely to safe countries.

“Another pupil made a vegetable plot which was encased in a safe cocoon that would be protected from all weather conditions. Another entry was a sustainable animal and vegetable system that acted as a contained farming cycle.
“The children produced such creative and inspiring ideas we really wanted to share them!

“The winners were one boy from Year 1 who designed and made a water flitter including gravel and the Key Stage 2 winner was a girl in Year 3, who invented a robot that would drive itself to clean water areas and collect water so the girls could go to school. These were truly deserving winners as they supported this year’s CAFOD’s water projects.

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“Inspiration? As a school we have created lots of imaginative Art competitions but this term I wanted to go with DT and inventions, so I thought what better than making something that would actually help someone who a real need. The children have been touched by the stories and scenes on the CAFOD website of the refuges and water projects, so it seemed right to link it to this, particularly at Easter.”

Thank you to Ms Burdge for organising this amazing competition and to all the pupils that took part!

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