My experience as an Office Volunteer



Yesterday, Andy Buckley told us how he first came to volunteer and his first expeirences of volunteering. Today, Andy explains how he is inspired to volunteer and how he is able to use skills he already had.

Volunteering has inspired me in so many ways

As a motivator to myself I regularly run monthly reports to see how Clifton Diocese is doing fundraising wise year against year. After all we can’t do the work on prayers alone. I am surprised that 60% of funds come from regular giving and not the LENT/HARVEST fast days – a great credit to people’s commitment to CAFOD. One supporter who moved to Brazil last year – but still keeps in touch and wants to continue to help CAFOD. That’s one inspiration.

Learn more about the different volunteering roles within CAFOD 

Some of the blogs I run I have had comments from as far afield as Houston Texas – Who commented on my “Step into the Gap ( year) blog about CAFOD GAP year students in Zimbabwe and Peru saying “Hello! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent job!” – Kristen. This made me feel all the social media work we do is worthwhile. Finally at the age of 60 I took part in my first ever protest march in Nov 2015 at the Bristol Climate change march, CAFOD supported the event and I ended up walking next to the Mayor of Bristol (George Ferguson) just before he flew to the Paris Climate Change summit the next day – this was quite inspiring, but I would never have considered doing this unless I was a CAFOD volunteer and exposed to the ONE Climate One World campaign and realising how Climate change is what is keeping people in extreme poverty,

Everyone has skills that can be used  

There is a greater sense of purpose in life when working for a Charity like CAFOD because you know the people you are helping even though you have never met them – the world’s poorest people.

You know you are not turning a blind eye but trying to do something practical to help. Get Involved because everyone has skills that can be used to for the greater good, its fun being part of team whose values are so clearly defined by our faith.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, you can contact us:

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