My experience as an Office Volunteer



Andy Buckley has written a special report about his volunteering journey. In the first instalment, Andy will explain why he volunteers and the small beginnings.

Andy started volunteering with CAFOD whilst still working full time but since retiring has becoming ever increasingly involved with CAFOD work. He currently works in the CAFOD office in Clifton and does everything from speaking to other volunteers to sending emails and writing blogs.

His commitment to engaging parishes and using his experience from his working life has made so many more people aware of the work CAFOD does. Community Participacion Co-ordinator in Clifton, Liz Baldwin spoke to Andy about his volunteering experiences.

Small Beginnings  

It started many years ago in our parish that had a Third World Action Group – of which CAFOD was one of the beneficiaries of fund raising, but this was while I was in full time employment with Hewlett Packard and bringing up a young family so what I could do was limited, but this is where the seeds were sown.

The main driver for becoming a CAFOD volunteer was that when I retired from the corporate world – I felt I had been lucky to survive 42 years in full time employment and wanted to give something back to those less fortunate, the poorest. I had always admired CAFOD because they seemed to do things differently – getting to the true root cause of problems, putting in long lasting solutions and doing it more efficiently than anyone else. That’s when I contacted the CAFOD Diocesan manager to become a volunteer.

My IT skills learned at Hewlett Packard were obviously an asset, so I could hit the ground running with databases, BLOGs etc. The speaking at mass opportunities are more recent – although when I worked at Hewlett Packard – I often had to do technical presentations – Speaking at Mass is subtly different – it has to come from the heart and the passion has to show – people can easily detect a fake.

Tomorrow, Andy will explain how he has been inspired to volunteer and use the skills he already had. If you are inspired to volunteer, you can learn about the different roles.

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