Clifton Diocesan Youth Gathering

Groups discussing the Year of Mercy

Groups discussing the Year of Mercy

Jade Till has written a special report about Clifton Diocesan Youth Gathering which was attended by Bishop Declan and CAFOD Gap year volunteers, Fiona and Michelle. She reflects on the messages to refugees, the Year of Mercy and the Gap year volunteer experiences in Peru. 

On Pentecost Sunday 2016 over 100 youths gathered together to see the Lampedusa Cross.

The Lampedusa Cross was crafted by a Sicilian carpenter named Francesco Tuccio. Three years ago a boat carrying refugees caught fire and sank just off the island of Lampedusa, local people took action to help. Francesco Tuccio used his carpentry skills to create a symbol of respect, love and hope. The Lampedusa Cross was made from the boat wreckage. Surviving refugees were given the Lampedusa Cross in an act of solidarity and support.

Find out more about the refugee action

Door of Mercy messages

Groups discussing the Year of Mercy

Youths aged 12-25 gathered together to write messages of hope to the refugees.

Youth celebrated Pentecost Sunday with Bishop Declan. Bishop Declan came to celebrate mass at the Clifton Diocesan Youth Gathering, held at St Bede College, in Bristol. Some of the youth were preparing for confirmation whilst others were on gap years. The young people were given the opportunity to discuss the Year of Mercy and their faith in small groups.

All those gathered reflected on the words of Pope Francis:

Clifton Youth Gathering

Groups discussing the Year of Mercy

“Don’t ever lose hope! The Lord has a great dream which, with your help, he wants to come true.” Pope Francis, Message for the Jubliee of Mercy to young people.

Download a printable Lampedusa Cross message

Fiona and Michelle take part in the CAFOD Gap Year programme, Step into the Gap. The two CAFOD Gappers, inspired the young people by sharing their photographs and experiences of the Year of Mercy and their time in Peru.

Fiona said:

The Lampedusa Cross

Groups discussing the Year of Mercy

“It was a fantastic event. I was amazed by the turn-out. I found it really interesting to hear what the youth of Clifton had to say. They were really interested to hear about my time in Peru. During my time in Peru I saw the Year of Mercy being used in everyday life. We saw the young people of the community being clothed and empowered, being seen as a positive force for their community in one of the poorest districts in Peru.”

Michelle said, “The fact that I was able to visit CAFOD’s partner organisations, whilst experiencing a whole different culture is mind-blowing. Gender equality is an issue that I’m really passionate about so having the opportunity to see CAFOD working with partners to empower women is something that really excites me. I am delighted to be able to share stories that will inspire young people.”

Messages to refugees

Groups discussing the Year of Mercy

Fiona and Michelle were overwhelmed by the welcome they received from their home diocese.

Fiona exclaimed, “We had a great day at the Clifton Diocese Youth Pentecost day! There were amazing ideas from amazing young people!”

Michelle, who travelled with CAFOD to Peru, said:

“I think what has been inspiring is seeing how CAFOD is helping communities in practical ways to make a change in their lives and communities. It is empowering for them as it gives them dignity. Sharing these experiences with the youth of Clifton diocese, discussing ideas about the Year of Mercy and writing messages of hope for refugees, was incredible!”

Messages of hope and support were written by these extraordinary young people in an act of solidarity.

Download our resources to organise your own youth refugee action 

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