Stewardship Day in Withywood

Cafod Lunch

Being a Parish Contact enables you to talk directly to your parish about the work that CAFOD is doing, share the news of our latest campaigns and encourage other parishioners to get involved in events and fundraising.

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David Bray is a Parish Contact in St.Pius X in Withywood. On 17 April, his parish held their first Stewardship Day, this is an event where the lay community are encouraged to take a more active role in Parish life.

David attended to tell his fellow parishioners about the work CAFOD does. Yet, David did more than tell people what CAFOD does, he had a creative way of showing people how CAFOD helps people across the world. I got to talk to David about the event and he said:

“Our stewardship Day on 17 April is where we take up the recruitment drive and the lay community take more of an active role in parish life. This is where all the ministries of the lay take a more active role in the day to day running of the ministries and parish life. The ministries included Liturgy, Housekeeping, Welcome, Eucharistic Ministries and of course, CAFOD.”

CAFOD: who are we and what do we do?

My idea for was to hand out flyer’s ‘We are CAFOD’, asking people to support the ‘One Climate, One World’ campaign and the live simply prayer card. On my table was a small plate with two fish and five pieces of bread.

By having this on the table, David was able to show the difficulties people across the world face when trying to eat and get clean water. The creative and visual display caught people’s attention and was a great success. Thank you David!

If you are interested in becoming a Parish volunteer, you can learn more.

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