Western-Super-Mare Parish raise nearly £2,000 for the Lent Appeal

Over Easter, we have seen an amazing amount of fundraising happening to help to provide clean and safe water across the world. One example of community spirited fundraising is at Corpus Christi in Western-Super-Mare. The whole Parish joined together and raised £1,927.80 to help to provide clean and safe water across the world.

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They held hunger lunches, ran a CAFOD stall and held Laudato Si Talks. Everyone, young and old, got involved in the fundraising and over the Lent period, they came together to break bread and remember those less fortunate than themselves. In keeping with the Year of Mercy, they put their faith in action and through their fundraising efforts were able to give drink to the thirsty.

One volunteer at Corpus Christi, Chris Davies tells us more about their fundraising: 

“Our CAFOD Stall was quite well supported and sold a range of small items which might be suitable as Easter gifts.  We also sold out of Fair Trade Easter Eggs.  We made no profit but they helped promote the Easter message.

“The Ladies of the Parish created a Living Simply recipe book all based on the idea of re-using left overs and they have some useful tips about other ways of re-using too.”

“We tried to produce a special focus on Easter and Lent, the Lent Fast day being our prime activity. As always the parish was very generous and responded well to Fr Richard’s promptings the weekend before and the talk delivered after the Masses on weekend after the fast day itself. 

“We ran the CAFOD talks based on the Study guide to Laudato Si as Lent Talks. We ended sharing bread and wine and grace in a link with the Eucharist and as a reminder of the Holy Fathers gentle rebuke that if we do not share our bread with others, then the communion we do share is somewhat devalued.

“Several people took away envelopes which had been stapled to the newsletters the previous weekend.  Thanks are due to a multitude of people who made this all happen.  Several people also took CAFOD money boxes which, as has been our custom for some years, will be part of the offertory on Maunday Thursday.  Over the Lent period, the CAFOD boxes and envelopes raised over £1,000.

“Our youth group provided the usual Hunger Lunch on Good Friday.  The delicious soup followed by a roll and cheese and a hot cross bun raised over £100.

“They are really an example to all of us about service with a smile.  This was neatly followed a stations of the cross performed by our children and supervised by a group of young mums.  The next generation showing us all the way!”

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In total the fundraising of Corpus Chrsti has raised £1,927.80 and due to Government match funding, the parish will have raised nearly £4,000 for the Lent Appeal. We want to thank the Western-Super-Mare community for all their amazing fundraising efforts.  

You can still donate to the Lent Appeal and your donations will qualify for match funding until May 9.


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