Thornbury Catholics Lent Lunch Success

Parishes across the Diocese are working hard to raise funds for the Lent appeal; Parishioners from Christ The King, Thornbury, held a Lent Lunch as part of this year’s CAFOD Lent fundraising campaign and it was a great success.


Mark and Jean Wallis, parishioners at Christ, the King said:

“At our special Lenten lunch, we heard a short talk from the new co-ordinator in the CAFOD Clifton office, Liz Baldwin. She spoke to us about CAFOD’s work in Uganda, and the water projects in the remote north-east of that country, the Karamoja region, in particular.

“We saw pictures of the village and heard about the practical effects on Proscovia, a 14-year old girl, who had to spend so much time walking to fetch water.

“People were really interested in the practical aspects, who did what – who fixed the pump, and who would maintain it? In answering, Liz stressed some of the principles that underlie CAFOD’s work – listening to local people, so that what was done reflected their needs, and making the work sustainable, by ensuring that people from the village are trained to carry out their own repairs from now on.

“The conversations then carried on over the soup-and-a-roll lunch, and we were able to give Liz some of the history of Porch House, the medieval building that now serves as our church hall. Thank you to Liz and to all who came along on a very cold Saturday afternoon!”

CAFOD’s representative in the Clifton Diocese, Elizabeth Baldwin said:

“It was such a lovely day. Lent Fast Days are such a great way of bringing people together and raising an incredible amount of money to help others.

“Match funds from the UK government means that every pound raised is doubled. Together we can ensure that 300,000 people, especially young girls, can go to school rather than walking miles to collect water, can be protected from disease, and live healthy, productive lives.”

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