Onesie Walk in Nailsea ‘makes a Splash’ for Lent


Pupils in their onesie

On 2 March, pupils from St Francis Primary School wore Onesies on a sponsored walk of seven laps around the school to raise funds for the CAFOD Lent appeal and learn about the year of Mercy.

Even the wet weather didn’t dampen spirits; the pupils dressed as lambs, leopards, wolves and bears. Some of the teachers got involved in the fun, one dressed as a cow while another dressed like a gorilla.

Phil Gibbons, from the Clifton Diocese, met with some of the pupils:

The Pupils from Year 2 said:

“We raised money for the people in Uganda, for the people that need water and need help.”

The Pupils from Year 6 explained:


Pupils on the walk

“We were doing the onesie walk to raise money for CAFOD who give money to Uganda to build water pumps so people in Uganda can have access to clean and fresh water. You need water to drink and wash yourself. They [people in Uganda] have to walk miles to the river to collect dirty water.”

The Pupils were not only doing the fundraiser to raise funds for CAFOD but they also used it as an opportunity to learn about the Year of Mercy:

“Everyday we should be sharing but we chose to do the onesie walk in Lent in Particular because it is a great time to share and be merciful to others. That is why the Pope has told us this year will be called the Year of Mercy and we will be merciful to others by sharing and helping everyone less fortunate than us.

“It makes me think that I need to be forgiving to everyone that has hurt me and annoyed me in the playground and at home – especially my brother!”

Find out more about The Year of Mercy


One of the activities about the acts of Mercy

Ms Hostein, the Headteacher at St Francis added:

“It’s always a lovely day. The fundraiser we do in Lent is our biggest fundraiser of the year. We usually raise between one to two thousand pounds every year for something, that’s worthy every year and this year we wanted to join up with CAFOD and their Splash Campaign.”

Ms Hostein talked about the seven different activities that the pupils took part in during the day. Based on the corporal works of Mercy, they did something special for each one:


The Wildlife Garden

“When we were comforting the lonely, each class made a card and that’s been taken by our priest to elderly people in local homes, which is a nice thing to do. Every class made a cross and they all signed it. And at the very end, children went into our wildlife and pond area with their cross and they had a reflective moment and they left their cross there. It’s become our Lent Mermorial Garden which was really nice.

“One of the questions we asked ourselves was, do we think St Francis would have done a Onesie Walk – and we think he would have because he spent his life helping other people, so were just really pleased we could do the same as St Francis children.”

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