Bath Students join green hearts campaign for Valentine’s Day

Students from Prior Park College wearing their handmade green hearts.

Students from Prior Park College wearing their handmade green hearts.

Last Sunday was Valentine’s Day and it has become a tradition to ‘Show your love’ through gifts such as chocolates and roses. However, students at Prior Park college gave something a bit more special this Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of something truly irreplaceable, creation.

Year 7 students from Prior Park College made hundreds of felt hearts which they handed out after a whole school assembly just before Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of climate change.

The students learned about CAFOD’s appeal in collaboration with the climate coalition to ‘Show the love’. By making and wearing their own green hearts they were able to spread the word and raise the awareness of the campaign.

The Assistant Head at Prior Park, Charlotte Cummins said:

“The Year of Mercy is an amazing opportunity for the Church around the world to bring the love of Christ into every community. I hope that all members of the Prior Park community – staff, students and parents – will get involved in whatever ways they can.

Coming to know God’s love for us, and bringing that love to others is a transformative experience. I hope that we will all be changed by the celebration of this Jubilee Year.”

A handmade green heart with sequins and musical notes

A handmade green heart.

The ‘Show the love’ initiative is being run by The Climate Coalition, a group of more than 100 organisations ranging from charities such as CAFOD to groups such as the Women’s Institute.

Everyone can get involved through making your own hearts, wearing it and sharing pictures on social media.

Elizabeth Baldwin from CAFOD Clifton, said:

“By wearing a green heart you can ‘Show the love’ for creation and lobby for change.”

Famous designers including Wayne Hemmingway and Maria Grachvogel made hearts for celebrities such as Dame Kelly Holmes and Jessie J to wear, while the National Trust held art installations in their properties across England and Wales, including a giant heart sand sculpture on a build in Cumbria built by local people affected by flooding.

The campaign also features a short film called I wish for you… starring Jeremy Irons and Maxine Peake, which tells the story of a poignant letter written by a grandfather to his granddaughter about the earth he loves and the life he wants to protect for her.

Join the campaign and make your own hearts. 

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