Free CPD training for teachers

We have never been more aware of our interconnectedness, with each other, and with our common home, Earth.

Through our Continuing Professional Development course (CPD), you will be inspired to bring this commitment to the common good to life, with activities, techniques and resources that can be used directly in the classroom.

Until July 2021, CAFOD is able to offer free CPD to schools, supported by the British Council, either online or face to face where appropriate.

These courses enable Catholic schools to have global justice at the heart of all they do. They give staff an opportunity to come together (including virtually, and from home if necessary) and plan how this can be brought to life within a school.

This global justice CPD is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and is a good way to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation “to see, to choose, and to act”.

Please visit CAFOD’s website to find out more,, or contact the Education section at to book your CPD.   

Woodchester Priory Parish Boots Just Keep on Walking!

Angela Middleditch and the CAFOD Group of volunteers from the parish of Woodchester Church of the Annunciation did a brilliant walk for CAFOD; Angela writes:

Hi Liz,

Eight of us from Woodchester Priory took part in the Big Walk for Water on February 20th, 6 walking in socially distanced pairs through Woodchester Park and 2 walking across Minchinhampton Common, taking in nearby villages.  We all walked 5 miles and though the weather was a bit drizzly and the paths were very muddy, we all enjoyed the walks and managed to raise so far £430 on our Justgiving page for CAFOD.  I thought you might like to see these pictures. I hope your daily walks are going well and glad that this week is drier if windier!  Keep going.

God Bless, Angela

Maggie and Alan 
Annie and Gordon

Angela and Linda

Tina and Barry

But they have ‘kept those boots right on walking’ in encouraging their parish to keep supporting them in their Lent Walk for Water challenge, via the newsletter, website and Facebook , and you can too, it’s not too late! Angela writes further:

Hi Liz,

For several weeks I have put a notice in our weekly bulletin which gets sent out to regular Mass goers and also gets put on the website and facebook page.  The notice included the fact that we were doing the Big Walk for Water, and also the date for Lent Fast Day and the link to the CAFOD website for people to donate.   Yesterday I went onto the CAFOD website and shared the video of the ‘short talk’ to our facebook page so people can watch and hopefully donate using the information on the video about text giving and donating through the website.  I also said that for people who are unable to do that, we will have some envelopes in the church when we return.

Our facebook page can be seen here.

Keep on Walking…

We have been delighted by the compassion and determination people have shown by Walking for Water in solidarity with Abdella this Lent.

Thank you to all you who have put on your walking shoes, tied up your green laces and hit the road – and thanks to all of you who have sponsored them. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s not too late and would give a real boost to the walkers if you could help them reach their target.

Schools have been joining in too – and continue to do so! See here for ways to still be part of that too.

And finally, a big happy, Walk for Water Birthday goes to Pat Bishop who turns 100 on Palm Sunday. Please share her page and support her if you can. Pat, you’re an inspiration!

Pat getting ready to celebrate her birthday this coming Palm Sunday at 100 years young!