Woodchester Parish has Fun for Pancake Day!

On Shrove Tuesday at Woodchester Church of the Annunciation Priory a fun-filled Pancake Morning was held in the local Church of England parish rooms.  It was a very busy morning, with over 200 pancakes being cooked and approximately £230 raised for CAFOD – which will be doubled on being sent to CAFOD during Lent to £460 with the government matching contribution for this Lent.  

Here are few photos showing Committee members all set for the start, and customers enjoying their pancakes.


Jo Heffernan (centre) with Stonehouse parishioners Carole Cooper ( L ) and Mattie Ross ( R )


The CAFOD group at the Church of the Annunciation parish are also planning a Parish Walk to Woodchester Mansion and back (5 miles) in April, and will link it to the ‘Share the Journey’ campaign.


Parishioners of St. George’s C of E, Bridget Johns and Marguerite Weager.

Find out here how you can be part of raising money for our brothers and sisters in need around the world this Lent.


L-R Jinny Marshall, Margaret Pinnington, Maggie Smith, Annie Norris, Angela Middleditch, Linda Carter, Bernice Thompson, Tina Hathaway, Ann Marshall and Simone Thurbon


St Nick’s received the following letter from CAFOD this week for their brilliant fundraising:

“Dear Children of St Nicks,
Thank you for your donation of £172.00 for World Gifts.  I’d like to say a big thank you for your support in helping us to fight poverty and injustice in the world.  In coming together to buy from our World Gifts range you are helping to provide some of the world’s poorest people with tools and resources they need to change their lives for the better.  From helping rural communities access vital healthcare, to enabling families affected by disasters get back on their feet, you will be playing a vital part in transforming people’s lives.  On behalf of CAFOD and all the people we support worldwide, thank you once again for your generous support.”

Visit the CAFOD website to see how your school or parish can be involved this Lent.


Attention all Gappers! Looking for that great overseas experience in your Gap year? Discover what CAFOD has to offer!Step into the Gap and Explore these links to find out more!

Charlotte in Cambodia

Watch this video of Charlotte in Cambodia or this blog ‘preparing for our visits’

Preparing for our visit

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