Clifton Deanery Planning Meetings for Lent

Thank you so much to all our Deanery volunteers who have participated in our Deanery Planning Meetings for Lent, held in Bristol and Taunton thus far. We had really good sessions and shared some great ideas about improving the visibility of CAFOD in our parishes. It was lovely catching up with so many of our hard-working and committed CAFOD Clifton volunteers.

Weston-Super-Mare CAFOD Area Coordinator Samantha Chandler serves up part of the ‘Rich World Poor World’ meal as part of the Taunton – Glastonbury – Weston-Super-Mare CAFOD Deanery Planning Meeting for Lent; Bill Furness – CAFOD Area Coordinator for Glastonbury lends a helping hand, as does Chris Davies, CAFOD Parish Volunteer from Weston-Super-Mare.

We are looking forward to meeting more of you in the upcoming planning meetings, in Devizes, Gloucester and Bath. These meetings provide a great opportunity for us to get together and make plans for inspiring our fellow parishioners to get involved in Family Fast Day on 15 March as well as updates and ideas on all things CAFOD!

poor Bill! He’s actually on the ‘poor table’, along with CAFOD Area Coordinator for Taunton, Nora Maw and CAFOD Parish Volunteer from Glastonbury, Bernadette

See here for the details of the other meetings:

CAFOD Swindon & Salisbury Lent Planning Meeting Saturday: Feb 16th 1.00 – 3pm
Venue: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
St Joseph’s Place, Devizes SN10 1DD

CAFOD Cheltenham-Stroud-Gloucester Lent Planning Meeting Monday: Feb 25th 1.00 – 3pm
Venue: Prinknash Abbey
Cranham, Gloucester, GL4 8EX

CAFOD Bath – Trowbridge Lent Planning Meeting Saturday: March 2nd 11.00–1pm
St John the Evangelist Parish Hall
South Parade, Bath, BA2 4AF

Fun with World Gifts at St Nicholas of Tolentino

The children arranged these gifts around the altar

 During Advent, the parish of St Nicholas of Tolentine asked their young school children to take a collection at their Masses for CAFOD’s World Gifts. The children learned about World Gifts and had chosen 9 in time for the Fourth Sunday of Advent. At each Mass a different child took one card up to the crib during the Mass.

World Gifts are CAFOD’s range of virtual gifts that make a real difference to families living in poverty across the world. The children at St Nicholas Tolentino school  were choosing to help communities living in poverty by buying goats  for those communities – great!

What a wonderful display of CAFOD gifts!

 Fr Richard McKay, the Parish Priest, always gives a CAFOD gift as his Christmas gift to the Parish. Also, every week the collection accepts donations to CAFOD. What a fantastic parish!’

One example of CAFOD supporters changing lives using “World Gifts”

Samantha Chandler has been volunteering for CAFOD for several years and is now not only the volunteer for her parish of St Josephs in Portishead, but is also the Area Coordinator for the Diocese of Weston-Super-Mare, for CAFOD.

Brilliant drawings of the wonderful results of blessing our brothers and sisters in need around the world with our CAFOD World Gifts; some fantastic art-work from the children of St Joseph’s parish in Portishead – thanks St Josephs!

Sam reports: “ On a daily basis, I witness dedication, passion and acts of solidarity from our volunteers around our Deanery. I am also privileged to hear the stories of people who work overseas on how our prayers and donations help local communities and transform lives for the better. Seeing and hearing these stories inspires me, making me feel that living simply could be a better way to live. I know that if I make small changes in my life, it could enable someone else to live a fuller life. Our parish continues to do just that. As one of the fundraising activities we do throughout the year, during Advent we fundraise for a gift through CAFODs World Gifts programme. This year we raised £300, enough to buy a medical outreach team gift from the world gifts catalogue. Giving a gift such as this has filled us with so much joy! Our Carol service was accompanied by artwork created by the children, inspired by the readings”.

this life-saving charity gift can help a team of medical professionals who bring essential healthcare services to remote communities. They also share their knowledge and skills with local people by running workshops and public campaigns on vital health issues.

This is just one example of CAFOD supporters changing lives through World Gifts. World Gifts are a thoughtful and ethical present, and the benefits don’t end once you’ve unwrapped it. After you buy a World Gift, you will receive a beautiful card which explains how the gift will make a lasting difference. And World Gifts are for throughout the year – for any occasion. See here for the wonderful range you can give to bless and help others around the world.