CAFOD Clifton Roadshow


Do you wonder where CAFOD receives its funding from?

How much is raised by CAFOD Lent and Harvest Fast Days?

Where is the money spent? – which countries/what projects

How is spending accountability measured?

If you have ever asked yourself even one of these questions, and not been able to answer it – then why not come along to the first CAFOD Clifton Roadshow on Saturday November 18th at Holy Family Church Patchway BS34 5DY  at 14:00


  • Overview of CAFOD’S income/outgoings and projects


  • Guest Speaker – Nikki Evans: update from Harvest Fast day 2016 Altiplano project in Bolivia

Joel from Altiplano Bolivia

  • Play the CAFOD Sandpit Quiz
  • Drinks/Nibbles and a game of CAFOD Bingo
  • Ask your Questions to the CAFOD Clifton Roadshow team

One World Week –

Working together for a just, peaceful and sustainable world, and to share understanding about global issues that affect us all, and to recognise we can all make a difference

CAFOD table at Mere Fair IMG_0604

Teresa Harris and her daughter-in-law

CAFOD volunteer Teresa Harris and her daughter in law Jane attended the fair for CAFOD, selling some of their own home-made goods as part of the stall to raise money for CAFOD, as well as providing information and updates about CAFOD to visitors to the Fair.

A Fair is held every year during One World Week with various stalls of groups supporting the aims of One World Week as part of our commitment to World Issues, different charities being represented.

Teresa Harris at CAFOD table IMG_0606

A fine spread for CAFOD

This year it was held in Mere on 21st October from 11a.m.-3p.m. Delicious lunches were served and with musical entertainment to be heard during the Fair.

Not only was it fund-raiser for the groups which took a stall, but a great learning experience for all taking part! These are free and there are usually around 15 stalls from various local, national and international charities. Groups are varied, ranging from the shared interest group to fund raising groups including Mary’s Meals and Fair Trade (Tradecraft). Other stalls present supported Christian Aid, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, VSO and our local Care Home.

A group can be for information only (e.g. shared interest), fundraising (e.g. Mary’s Meals),  Fair Trade (Tradecraft) etc.  Other stall holders are Christian Aid, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, VSO and our local Care Home.





CAFOD Lobbies Parliament on the Eradication of Poverty

In the morning there were arranged activities and speakers, together with a wide range of constituents sharing their reasons why they care about development and support public spending on aid, all getting prepared to meet individual MP’s later in the afternoon. Help and support was provided for those who had not met their MP before.
One representative invited to attend by CAFOD was Tony Threlfall; his report follows:


Tony Threlfall with Michelle Donelan MP

“My MP for Chippenham, Michelle Donelan (Conservative), hadn’t replied to any of my phone calls and emails. However, there is a process called green carding where you report to the central lobby in the Houses of Parliament and request a meeting. She arrived within 10 minutes! She confirmed the government’s commitment to maintain the 0.7% of our GDP for the life of this Parliament. I invited her to meet the Syrian Refugees and their families at St. Patricks Church Hall where we teach them English, with the intention of giving her the opportunity to value the UK contribution and to appreciate and come to understand the experiences of the refugees.

It was also a good opportunity to ensure she knows and supports the work of CAFOD. Our centre is only 50 yards from her constituency office. I have been asked to drop possible dates and times at her office which I did. I also spoke with Jeremy Corbyn at Portcullis House where other CAFOD and other aid agency volunteers were meeting their MPs. He was happy to support our efforts and be photographed with the volunteers.


Tony Threlfall outside Parliament

Find out more here about how you can help CAFOD campaign on vital issues.