No One Beyond Reach: CAFOD Clifton Volunteers travel to London to meet CAFOD New Director


Mary Moore, Irene Prentice, Somui Cheung, Hilary Farey, with Liz Baldwin Representing Clifton Diocese.

For the first time in a while, CAFOD held two national gatherings for CAFOD volunteers in June this year.

 A group of CAFOD Clifton volunteers travelled to London for this, giving them the chance to meet and hear from CAFOD’s new director, Christine Allen.

 The volunteers also had the change to chat to some of CAFOD’s Trustees and Central Leadership Team, as well as exploring the mission of CAFOD.

 Part of the day was for attendees to hypothetically assess differing CAFOD projects they would support, if they were in the programmes department. This was a challenging exercise, but one that experientially allowed people to have an understanding of the challenges CAFOD faces when discerning projects to support.

 The gathering was held in the Westminster Catholic Cathedral Hall in London, with many volunteers from around the country attending.








Taunton Parishes hold CAFOD Celebration Masses

Recently, CAFOD Parish Volunteer for St George’s in Taunton Doug Lowe, organised and ran CAFOD Celebration Masses at both  St Georges  and St Theresa churches in Taunton. As part of the masses, Doug gave away around 200 free pollinator plants and 45 home-made bee hotels.


A bee hotel ready for visiting bees


He and his CAFOD group also had people sign the CAFOD petition which encourages the UK Prime Minister to ensure:

  • All government departments urgently bring forward policies to achieve net zero emissions. And go further, faster to achieve net zero emissions honestly, transparently and without caveats by 2045.
  • UK investment overseas and at home is consistent with keeping the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees. This should include stopping all new public support for fossil fuels overseas.
  • The UK shows leadership by connecting the crises of poverty, environmental degradation and climate change, and makes concrete commitments to combat them at key international events.


IMG_3824     IMG_3825

Look  at the posters the children from St Georges school have done on Climate change and what we should be doing to save our common home.

There are other posters called too called ‘Reimagine Our Common home’,  with ideas,  and another one where you can download an app – see what happens when you do it !!! Also at the back of church there are plants and bug hotels for you to take home to help our pollinators nest and lay their eggs.

And as a bee keeper, I’m keen to provide leaflets on Bumblebees and the biggest threat to our pollinators, the Asian hornet . The non-native Asian or yellow-legged hornet is an invasive species in Britain which if spread could negatively affect the wildlife already living here.


asian hornet

* Asian hornet (about 2x length of honey bee)

There are “Grace” dice as well to help you talk to others about what you could do to help our common home where you live. Why not  have a coffee and chat after mass as well .

 Finbar is joining others in London on the 26 June  – see your newsletter for more info and join him . We  would love your help in promoting CAFOD in Taunton so talk to us about this. Creation is of the order of love. God’s love is the fundamental moving force in all created things – this is what Pope Francis reminds us of, in Laudato Si’.

Thank you all and God Bless

*Interesting to note: The issue is that they eat honeybees. They are specialised honeybee predators and beekeepers are concerned. The hornets raid honeybee hives by sitting outside them and capturing workers as they go in and out. They chop them up and feed the thorax to their young.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is trying to prevent a nationwide Asian hornet invasion, currently through eradication of individuals and nests. But if the species becomes established in the UK, it is likely there is very little that could be done about it – Robert our wonderful social media volunteer found this information from DEFRA.



CAFOD London Lobby on Climate Change a Great Success!

What an amazing day we all had on Wednesday 26th in London when a group of us from CAFOD Clifton travelled to London to lobby our MPS on Climate Change.

London Lobby - Caroline -2

: CAFOD Volunteer Caroline Lane was enthusiastic and sprightly.

The commitment, passion and sincerity – as well as many happy faces! – of the CAFOD Clifton volunteers was fantastic, in relation to an issue that is not just incredibly urgent due to what is happening to our planet, but as with all the issues CAFOD is a part of, the effect it is having on our poorest brothers and sisters around the world.

London Lobby - Caroline -1

: CAFOD Volunteer Caroline Lane was always very cheerful in her participation of the CAFOD Lobby to Parliament recently – thanks Caroline!

A quick summation of  some of the facts and figures from the London Lobby; over 300 MPs met with their constituents on the day, there were around 12,000 people there – and we found out  some fun facts about each other, especially when we were playing icebreaker games on the coach on the way to London!!

The key question from everyone at the end of the day, was what to do next. CAFOD is suggesting running a Creation Celebration mass in your parish. See here for all the info on running one, and /or contact Liz Baldwin, CAFOD Clifton Community Participation Coordinator:

Again, thanks to everyone so much – a fantastically successful day!